Memory Zipper Plus 7.11
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Memory Zipper Plus 7.11

Memory Zipper optimizes system memory and ensures that it is used effectively
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Prolonged usage of the PC without proper care or attention about the performance of the system or the health of the computer might lead to unexpected crash of the computer or system shutdown without giving any notice whatsoever to the user. This so happens because the software and the hardware that enables the system to perform effectively and the browsing of the Internet leads to the creation of some system files in the hard disc and over a period of time, the performance of the PC gets negatively impacted due to the occupation of these temporary files in the hard disc.

Some of the frequent problems due to these unwanted files is that the browsing will become difficult with each loading of new webpage taking inordinately more time than normal and the programs functioning below par speed, precluding the ultimate crash of the computer.

The program Memory Zipper Plus is an ideal software that can help us tackle the menace of system getting crashed or slowing down its performance. The primary aim of Memory Zipper is to optimize the memory management in the personal computer and ensure that the system memory is used effectively, resulting in better performance of the personal computer.

Memory Zipper Plus has an in-built Data Safe Technology that guarantees the reliability and safety of data. The program adds a CPU Cooler which cools down the CPU in idle time and can also save power

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  • Helps in effective memory management of the personal computer


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